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  • Dec, 08 2019
    Jennifer Scoon
    I'll preface this by saying this review is about one stylist in particular, so it's unfortunate that it's not a great review as I don't feel it should affect all of the stylists.

    On Nov 1st, I cut my hair short. It was shoulder length and I cut it to much shorter. Well, then it was the end of Nov (30th) and it was getting a little scraggly in the back so I asked my bf to call and see if any of the stylists had an opening between Friday evening and Sunday evening. He tells me I have an appointment with Jackie the next day (Friday). I had been to this salon once before. A blonde on the right side of the salon cut my hair then and she did a great job, and that was just me as a walk-in, so I figured they must have a pretty decent staff and I figured Jackie would do well also.

    Boy, was I wrong...

    I've posted a full review with photos on Yelp. Google Review's character limit appears to be much shorter.

    At the end of the day, I'm sure the salon is great, and I'll likely be back (since my first experience here as a walk in with a different stylist was a good one), but I will never ever be sitting in Jackie's chair for a cut again. Her lack of ability to respond appropriately to an unhappy customer and her desire to argue with me about how much she cut off and then complete silence after I show her photos of my hair taken less than 24 hours prior.... Probably not the best tactic for keeping clientele.

    As someone who has years of experience working in the service industry, silence is never the answer.

    What she should have done is offered to take my contact info to pass it along to the owner, in an effort for the owner to contact me to make it right. Now obviously, each and every scenario is different, but in my case, I should have been offered a follow-up appointment for no cost, to correct my hair, and if I decline, that's OK too. I'd never expect a refund, but offering to fix it is the right thing to do.... Not try and usher me out the door after trying to tell me you barely took any length off the front.

    Again, my full/other review with photos before and after is on Yelp.
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